"The Blue Thunder Air Racing Team was ecstatic when we set a new qualifing and race speed record in the Sport Division Here at the Reno National Championship Air Races as well as placing second in the Gold main event. AeroMag was an intergral part of this success."
—John Parker

Photos compliments of W.J. Pearce

AeroMag™ goes on the outside of a standard filter. The AeroMag™ is a powerful high-tech magnet assembly that traps and holds steel particles against the inner wall of the filter canister. These are the particles that are missed by the standard aircraft filter.
  • Improve engine oil filtration efficiency 1,000%!
  • AeroMag’s powerful rare-earth magnets trap and hold wear-inducing metal particles smaller than 40-microns down to 1-micron that the filter cannot stop.
  • AeroMag is constructed from the highest quality components and is completely reusable.
  • No moving parts to wear out.
  • AeroMag will help you reach TBO.
  • AeroMag will not affect instruments.
  • Installation is simple. Strong neodymium magnets secure
    it to the filter and trap harmful particles with the same powerful bond.
  • Money-back guarantee and lifetime warranty.

Photo of an actual cut-open filter, showing the debris trapped and held in the magnetic flux field of an AeroMag, installed on a filter from a Lycoming IO540 for only 10 hours.


FAA Approval Pending

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